Step back in time, with a glass of course, to the golden age of global travel. We have set out to evoke the mood and feel of a long gone era of glamour and adventure. Within these walls, built in 1909, are many stories, many memories . We hope that they will also provide you with your own.

Sit back, relax, and put yourself in the shoes of Karl Baedeker – the global travel guide pioneer who started publishing his now famous, and very collectable, Baedeker guides on 1 July, 1827. The guides contain, among other things, maps and introductions; information about routes and travel facilities; and descriptions of noteworthy buildings, sights, attractions and museums. Many of these guides line our bookcase, with generational scribblings – well-worn and showing their centenarian age.

This venue is also a reflection of our own global adventures, with antiques and maps purchased from around the world, and wines that we have personally sourced on our travels.

We welcome you to our latest project, and hope to inspire you on your next adventure.


Craig Fox

For enquiries call 07 3257 4482