Speaker System Design and Install at Burleigh Pavilion

Twisted Pair was approached by Burleigh Pavilion with a request for a quality sound system fitout for 5 seperate zones in the brand new space overlooking Burleigh Beach. A balance between quality and budget saw us offer up the following speakers:

  • 16 x Quest MXC601

  • 8 x Quest MX801

  • 4 x Quest HPI8i

  • 1 x Quest HPI12S

  • 2 x inDESIGN 4”

With the Tropic Restaurant and Terrace, an area where guests can enjoy table service meals with views over the beach and a cool breeze blowing through the space, our technicians set about installing discreet recessed speakers, focusing on prime positioning as to maintain a good sound balance throughout the area. This system performs well at low level with warm sounds without the need for dialing the amps to 11.

Burleigh Pavilion Tropic Restaurant.jpg

The Pavilion Bar is where things get lively in the evenings and this required a little extra power by way of the Quest HPI18i’s and Quest HPI12S Sub providing the bottom end. Expertly installed and positioned the system has great coverage over the space with plenty of headroom for when the nights get wild.

Pavillion Bar Speaker.jpg

The Entrance and toilets were taken care of by Quest MX601’s and inDESIGN 4” to welcome guests and keep the vibes going on in the background during those trips to the loo.

Burleigh Pavillion Entrance.jpg

The Beach Bar area benefits from so all weather IP rated Quest MX801’s to evenly produce sultry Summer vibes on this gorgeous deck with a view to die for.

Outside Bar 2.jpg